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Shower at Omega Oak Barn Care Home

Bedroom & Bathroom Facilities

Nurse Call System

The Home utilises one of the most up to date two-tone call systems available. Activation points, used for summoning assistance, are located in every room of the home. In particular each bedroom is equipped with a call point and a secondary pull switch call point in the en-suite. An emergency situation allows either residents visitor or member of staff to activate the system triggering in an immediate response.

The Home also uses where appropriate telecare which means that carefully located pressure pads can be linked into the call system so if someone has a fall staff can be alerted immediately.

Bathroom at Omega Oak Barn Care Home

All our exterior doors and fire doors are connected to the call system to ensure additional safety.

We have a number of bespoke shower rooms and bathrooms. These are fully equipped with hydraulic seats and aids, whilst carer screens and shower curtains allow discreet assistance from carers.

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