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Admission & Fees

Our Manager or his deputy will carry out a pre-admission assessment, to ensure that we can meet all the resident's care needs. After admission we will then gather more information from the resident, their relatives and any other key indivduals, as well as carrying out a number of our own assessments in order to prepare the care plan relevant to their specific needs. This plan of care is then implemented, updated and reviewed on an ongoing basis. We work in conjunction with GP's and community health services to ensure the best possible package of care and support is available to everyone.

Full day and night care is provided in accordance with an individual care plan. Relatives are encouraged to contribute to this by providing information on the resident's background, likes, dislikes, and interests, particularly when the resident is unable to provide the
information for themselves. The resident's individual needs are constantly monitored, and Omega Oak Barn
care plans are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Financial Arangements

We are committed to providing value for money within our comprehensive and caring service. The fees charged are dependent on the type of room required.

Depending on the personal financial situation, a resident can either;

  • ~ pay the fees privately, monthly in advance,
  • ~ or receive benefits arranged by social services.

Going into care is daunting in itself and itís important to know that help is available to make it a smooth transition. We have provided a few sources that may be of use.

We are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission, if you wish to view our latest inspection report follow this link.


Public liability insurance cover is in place Ė including a residentís effects valuables limit - £1,000 per person and a policy excess of £250.00 However residents are advised to have any items of value that they want to have with them, insured privately through their own insurance company.

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